David Frank, B.A.

Bell Financial Inc.

After having seen his fiftieth birthday and twenty-fifth anniversary in business hurtle past with frightening speed, David recently found a quiet spot to sit and reflect on The Meaning of Life.  It was, mercifully, a short sit, for his back often seized up when sitting cross-legged for extended periods of time.  In taking stock of his life as it was, he noted with pride that his two children were growing into fine young men, and would soon embark on their personal Journeys of Discovery.  He was thankful that his health complaints were modest and manageable.  He loved, and was loved.  And he still woke up every morning looking forward to going to work. 

Since 1986, David has built a successful benefits advisory practice by offering his clientele a commodity that has become increasingly rare: a relationship built on mutual trust and respect.  His hands-on approach has attracted small to medium sized companies in both the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors.  David is especially excited about The Benefits Alliance Group (formerly E.B.A.I.), Canada’s largest alliance of independent benefit advisory firms.  Its 42 member firms across the country represent over 4,000 employers and manage $350 million in group insurance premiums as well as over $3 billion in group retirement assets.  David can offer his clients the best of both worlds: a high-touch, intimate relationship backed by a very large and powerful national presence that ensures that he can deliver the best advice at the best price. 

Having counted his Blessings, and having determined that they were plentiful, David finished his reflections on The Meaning of Life for the time being and headed off to his massage therapist to ease his aching back.